1. Artwork for the upcoming Glaare 7-inch “The Universe Is A Machine.” Vinyl will be arriving next week and things are still happening.


  2. Listen/purchase: The Universe Is A Machine by Glaare

    Still putting out albums. Pre-Order (with instant DL) or just download tracks now!

  3. Upcoming Glaare shows.

  4. Glaare - “The Universe Is Machine” Test Press.

  5. Just finished up the mastering on the new Glaare release “The Universe Is Machine” at Infrasonic Sound. We’re pressing a 7-inch containing 2 songs, 300 on clear vinyl, and it will contain a 5 song download.

    Hopefully have this thing out by April/May and will be following it up really quickly with a split release.

  7. The band I’m apart of Glaare (glaare.com) will be playing our our first show with Annie Hardy’s new project Annie Hardy and the Psychos on June 1st at The Satellite. The show will also feature Intimatchine and Them Howlin’ Bones


  8. Beware the Idols | Adolescent Rebellion 7-inch

    We’ve made the Beware the Idols band 7-inches available through my store and 100% of the proceeeds will passed along to the Stop Hate Movement (https://www.facebook.com/stophatemovement). The albums are available here (http://cominghomerecords.bigcartel.com/product/beware-the-idols-adolescent-rebellion-7-inch). 

    Big Thanks: Dave from Indecision Records (indecisionrecords.com), Joe Cardamone at Valley Recording Company (valleyrecordingcompany.com), Paul Miner BuzzBomb Studios, Bobby Vega from Stab City, Keath Moon (keathmoon.com), and Robby (stophatemovement.com).


  9. My good friend Cliff of Minutes Til Midnight dropped this new single “I’m An Animal.” 


  10. Beware the Idols - Adolescent Rebellion

    Beware the Idols- Adolescent Rebellion 7-inch on Clear Vinly is now available over at RevHQ.